About Us

We are students of the registered Non-Profit Educational Organization, Greater Houston Tamil Schools (HTS). Therefore, We too maintain Not-For-Profit Status.

Founded in August 2017, Tamil Youth Leadership Program (TYLP) came to life with the purpose of immersing younger students and ourselves in the Tamil culture while learning crucial leadership skills in the process. ​WE, as a group of like-minded individuals have encountered several obstacles in the initial building of a Non-Profit Organization. But through the continued support of our heroes – our beloved parents, our dreams have become more attainable, and our tasks have been accomplished.

Today, We stand as a self-driven and motivated group of young individuals. Our outreach expands every year, and our vision expands with our new members. We hope you bring our culture and volunteer experience to society. The more people we can help, the happier we all will be!