TExas education association

One of our first projects (Aug-Sep 2017) was to get Tamil approved as a Language Other Than English (LOTE) by the Texas Education Agency. Our team prepared a presentation, and two members presented to the TEA in Austin, TX. This brought light to our goal of becoming an accredited language in the State of Texas. 


This summer, we wanted to create a fun activity for students to engage in during quarantine and at the same time also motivate the students to continue learning Tamil, even during these unprecedented times. So, we created a Tamil Spelling Bee for students who have been in levels 2-5 during the 2019-2020 school year so that they can learn new Tamil vocabulary and improve their sentence structure.

College/Career talks

As second generation immigrants, many students (and their parents) of Tamil School may not have much knowledge about the college process in America. So, we decided to conduct college talks, in which successful Tamil college students share their advice and experiences with the students at Tamil School!

TAMIL school library

In order to create an interest for Tamil books and literature, our TYLP members organized a Tamil Library. Every class, students are able to check out book that they want to read. They are allowed to take them home, and inventory is taken by our team. Our library contains books for all skill levels and continues to expand.


Around the time of Thanksgiving in 2019, we opened a Tamil School Food Drive collect food and donate it to nearby charities. We know many homeless people are unable obtain enough food, so in order to help these people we collected and donated over a 105 pounds of food! This donation meant all the more since it was done right before Thanksgiving, allowing homeless people to enjoy a full meal on Thanksgiving.